All of a sudden excludes people from writing reviews who spend not enough and Kindle Unlimited is excluded

"I want to issue a complaint. For years and years I am a customer of and have a Kindle Unlimited Account. I buy also Kindle books. But as I am not living in the USA I do not buy physical items as postal fees will bleed me dry. I tried Prime but as I am outside of the USA lots of the contends were blocked. Nowadays I have Prime via but for my Kindle books that is no option as 1) Most are German 2) in my country I can only access Kindle books via

All of a sudden, after 500 reviews of novels mostly read via Amazon Kindle Unlimited, bought via Amazon .com and some via Netgalley, I am not allowed to write reviews on the Amazon site anymore because I am not spending enough and KU is excluded and also accounts on other Amazon sites like where I DO have Amazon Prime but cannot read my Kindle books. (I spent a lot of money on the .de version but as I said books are no option there). Sorry I find that very rude and discriminatory for people outside of the USA and hope you will change that on my account."


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