Review of "Sheikh's bed" by Rachel Cade - the story is good but she has a different Marrakesh in mind (never been there I assume)

If you do not know a thing about the world outside the USA or Europe you will enjoy reading this nice story without wishing the author had done her homework (you can deduct travelling from taxes dear authors).

Marrakesh is a Moroccan town that is NOT a coastal town but deep inland. It has NO skyscrapers but beautiful traditional terracotta red buildings. And you can NOT drive your carriage through the courtyard of a mosque as people would not like to kneel down and pray in horseshit. In Morocco as a non-muslim you are not even allowed in a mosque apart from the one in Casablanca. It is NOT Dubai. Oh and I sincerely doubt if Iranian women would NOT speak Farsi to each other but revert to Arabic.

But the story itself is a good one with true feelings and thrilling action scenes. Yes also hot erotic ones but also being chased by villains and such. So an entertaining read if you are looking for a novel that has a happy ever after feel.

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