Review of "Cry of the Innocent" - a murder mysery set in the early days of the American Revolution

Faith is a young widow running a tavern in Williamsburg in 1774 (just after the Boston Tea Party, what is now seen as the start of the American Revolution).

One morning she discovers a dead body in her private meeting room. Suspicion lands on a young slave girl but then more bodies are found.

The author creates a very believable heroine and is extremely good at world building. Things like slavery, the recapture of freed slaves, addiction, having to marry rich it all plays a role. The solving of the crime is a complicated story.

There are two small faults: I believe in two cases the story has a small "deleted part" as someone is shot and another engaged without it being mentioned prior. Or I must have missed that.

I am certainly going to recommend this book on my blog and in my bookclub on Facebook.



This is a Dutch booktalk about this novel: 





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