Review of "The Ramage Hawk" a detective set in rural Elisabethan England

In "The Kings and Their Hawks: Falconry in Medieval England" by Robin S. Oggins a Ramage Hawk is described as a young bird that has just left the nest to sit on a nearby branch. In this novel there is a woman who is leaving her nest to go and stay nearby. That is the problem falconer Thomas has to solve on a rural estate in Elizabethan England.  He has to find a missing daughter. In the meantime however a killer is on the loose looking for Drake's gold.

The author manages to draw us into his world of rural England of the common people. It is a colourful and entertaining detective although sometimes we have to figure out ourselves why people did what. What surprised me was the less rigid line between the classes compared to for instance the Victorian Era.

I really liked it.




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