Four well written murder mysteries by Keith Moray that are situated in historic Yorkshire

The Pardoner's Crime (Sandal Castle Medieval Thrillers, #1) by

What a great read. When a new judge travels to Wakefield in Northern England he meets Robin Hood the outlaw. A playful use of known names from the legend of Robin Hood to create a great detective story during the rule of gay king Edward II two centuries after the legend is set. It is a time of civil war and just being drafted to fight on the wrong side can ruin your life. 

The Summoner's Sins (Sandal Castle Medieval Thrillers Book 2)


I really liked the dive into medieval life. Superstition, hero worshipping, ecclesiastical courts.... 

The Franklin's Felony (Sandal Castle Medieval Thrillers Book 3)

A witch is burned at the stake in Ireland and Sir Richard meets a dinner party that seemed not to be who they are. Then people start dying. What is the link with the witch's curse?  



The Fool's Folly: A serial killer is at large at the court of Richard III 

The same setting as the other novels in the Sandal castle series but a century later. The novel made me realise two things: 1 Historybooks are written by the winner and 2 We might have missed Henry VIII and Bloody Mary and had some artistic royals instead.

Nowadays King Richard III is described as the murderer of his nephews and a handicapped lunatic. Although recent historic research and his relocated corpse casts a lot of doubts on that theory.

In this novel the new judge has to solve murders at the court of the crown prince of those days who resided at Sandal Castle in Yorkshire. Apart from a very good murder mystery the author also makes us ponder about the question in what way Richard was vilified. 


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