One day in 1941 seen by many different eyes around the world. Review of "Pearl Harbor and More: Stories of WWII"

When you like to read about history that will most of the time mean either a non fiction history book or a novel around one or a few persons set in a historical setting. This book however are short stories that all have one thing in common: the attack on Pearl Harbour by the Japanese. Either directly witnessed by a nurse en route to her hospital ship or heard on the radio by a Jewish girl in Germany. These stories set in people's daily life make you aware of things you did not think of or read while reading the scientific books. How a lady with a German married name had to keep explaining she was of Scottish decent and her husband a WW1 veteran who fought in the US army. That enlisted men and nurses in the US navy were not allowed to talk to each other. All the little day to day details that bring that era to life. Sometimes it had me wondering. Did the Jewish population in Germany know the camps would kill them? Here in Holland they thought they were labour camps and people still had hope. But on the other hand in Germany Jews had been persecuted for a lot longer then in Holland.

The reason for the 4 out of 5 stars is only that I am not a big fan of short stories. Like the first story seems to be a beginning of a novel and I longed to be able to finish that one. But hey that might be the whole idea :)


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