Somehow they all timetravel to Scotland - reviews of the Draig series by Lisa Dawn Wadler

I spent a few days holed up in my home with snow. With my Kindle Unlimited account I stumbled upon a timetravel-series that at first seemed to be another Outlander clone. But while most of the novels were that kind of romance the one that is supposed to be the first chronologically is pure science fiction. Not as good as Outlander and not historically anywhere correct but a set of feel good stories some better than others. I think Draig is Dragon in Gaelic or is supposed to mean that. The Laird has a dragon tattoo, knife and sword and it is his symbol.

The Draig's Choice by Lisa Dawn Wadler

A young woman sees a strange door open and jumps through it to catch her dog
who seems stuck on the other side, to find herself trapped in medieval Scotland. A
bit slow "Highlander"-clone full of marriage bliss.

The Draig's Wife 

Good story with some historical mistakes. Another time travel novel. With quite a good plot BUT 1) potatoes before Columbus? 2) Scots drinking Irish Whiskey? 3) Tall blackhaired green eyed giants while I tower over most of the ginger haired ones and am only 5'10" (although I was told by the Lowlanders Highlanders can be quite tall). (UPDATE: in Time of the Draig that is explained)

Time of the Draig

Not that much my taste. Too science fiction, a bossy woman and a too gentle and
simple man. I liked her other books better. But it is a good explanation of what
happens in the other books.

The Draig's woman

Another of the time travel series of this author and so far the best one. It is more or less the story of a warm family and problems with money. Nice crime twist as well.


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