ARC review of "Of fire and lions" by Mesu Andrews - the story of the Jewish prince deported to Babylon

For those amongst us with a Jewish or a Christian upbringing the story of Daniel (in the lionpit) will be familiar. Young Jewish prince Daniel is deported to Babylon after the conquest of Jerusalem and become a high advisor of first the Babylonian king and later the Persian one.

In this novel mrs Andrews gives Daniel a (fictional) wife. We follow not only the known biblical events but also see their world from the eyes of the wife for instance as her serving as a high priestess of a local religion, the eunuch system in government and other things. And of course the events mentioned in the bible: the throwing in an oven, the illness of the king, the lionpit and all the dreams.

Although it is a book written by a Christian person it is not overdoing it like some American novels can what normally makes me sooner think of blasphemy. It is an entertaining read and if someone is inspired to read the original by it all the better.

A four stars out of 5

Of Fire and Lions
by Mesu Andrews
Pub Date: 05 Mar 2019 


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