ARC review of "The Sheikh’s Blackmailed Bride" by Leslie North

These kind of novels most of the time have weird and over the top plots with just an overdose of activities in bed. This one however has a little bit more normal setting and is not all about sexual encounters.

An American young woman who owns a wedding planner business attends a reception hosted by her mentor and former boss. At the event she briefly meets a prince from the Middle East. Weeks later when she is deep in her cups and bemoaning a pending bankruptcy of her small company she photoshops a picture of that prince and herself to illustrate her blog.

The next day the post is picked up by the tabloid press and the prince comes to visit her business. He explains that this whole thing can have bad repercussions for both their reputations and that he wants to close a deal with that former boss of hers and could use a bit of help to get in that lady's inner circle. He suggests to just fake the whole thing for a year or so and then have a quiet divorce. However they both find out that they really like the other one.

A simple story. Not bad. Not special. A bit easy to forget. Can be good entertainment when you just want something sweet and light.

Pub Date: 05 Mar 2019

An ARC review is when the publisher sends a novel to someone to write a review about it.


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