A gripping thriller - I can't sleep by J.E. Rowney - Is a student being hunted or is her mind playing tricks with her?

A young student has just enrolled in university and started living with three other students. But she is suffering from insomnia and riddled with guilt. She was always a lonely girl but had a brother she loved dearly.

One day she has the feeling someone is saying her name, someone else staring at her. Is her mind playing tricks with her or is someone after her?

It is a short but thrilling read.that keeps you enthralled and wondering till the end.

My friend Marc is gay and he is always telling me that being from a sexual minority most novel characters are heterosexual and that makes it not always easy to relate to them for him. Other people complain that the gay characters in novels and movies are often the GAY characters. In this novel you realise Becky is a lesbian but it is only mentioned or hinted at a few times in the novel (like when her classmates picked at her over it in Grammar school). It is just a small aspect of her like for instance a character having red hair and not something that rules her life.or the story. I like that!

This is an ARC Review. The book will be published in October 2020


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