Lord and Lady Hetheridge Mystery Series (6 book series) - an enjoyable American fantasy of London policework

This series is written by an American lady who if I understand it correctly has never lived in London. But why should a detective story be truthful to procedures? Sherlock Holmes is not either! The series is an enjoyable mix between murder mystery and family life.

In book 1 (free on Amazon) detective Kate has a fall out with her boss and gets reassigned. She is from a very low social class with a mother and sister working on their backs and on drugs leaving Kate to care for a mentally handicapped brother and a small nephew.

Kate's new boss is Lord Tony who is 30 years her senior and filthy rich and very posh. (We have seen such combinations before in detective series have we not).

Together with Anglo-Indian Paul Bharr, who has a mother writing romance e-books and might have been inspired by the author herself, they have to solve a series of murder cases and are confronted with an arch nemesis who seems uncatchable. Tony however catches Kate.

I recommend reading the whole series in chronological order as it builds up to a finale.

I have to say I liked book 1,2, 5 and 6 the most.


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