The Iranian father and the Israeli son - review of Deadly Ties by Aaron Ben-Shahar

A young Israeli woman goes to Greece for her henparty at the end of the 1970ties. One night she has a steamy exercise with a man from Persia whose name she never gets to know. When she finds out she is pregnant she tries to trace him to tell him he has a child but she never can.
The Persian drops out of studying medicine and becomes the leader of the Iranian "CIA" (and reminded me a lot of that general who was assasinated AFTER the books was published).
The son becomes a vet and later in life a cabinet minister in the Israeli government.

The book is written in a kind of narrator God perspective. Language-wise it comes of a bit old fashioned but that might be caused by translation or a different writing culture.

You really have to appreciate espionage for this novel as it is more about that then about the persons. After having been waiting for the confrontation I thought that a bit sterile. I had expected the main characters to spend more time thinking about enemies and family. It is a kind of Shakespeare play without the big drama

3 stars out of 5


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