I finished my first audiobook today: Island Nation by Peter Heller on Audible

I finished my first audiobook today. I must admit I tried one last year and it did not seem something for me. But in the meantime I found out that you can adjust the narration speed on Audible what is quite handy for a non-native speaker like me.

Island Nation has a good narrator. Although she is a grown up voice actress she manages to sound like the young girl (I think 12 or something) she is portraying.

The family of Pup lives off the coast of Maine on their own small island when they discover fires on the mainland. The female biologists doing scientific research on a nearby island tell the hippy family there is civil unrest (Trump, virus). 

The writer really makes you see the world through the eyes of a teenager. He has a talent for painting the world of Pup in words. You feel the rain and see the goat etc.

What I hated is the ending of the story.

On Audibel it is advertised as:

A chilling and heartbreaking story of a young girl’s loss and resilience by Peter Heller, the best-selling author of The Dog Stars, The Painter, and The River

In this riveting tale of looming apocalypse, Pup is living off the grid for the summer with her parents on an island off the coast of Maine, when all three of them face the hardest decisions of their lives. Across the water one night they can see homes burning and hear gunfire. Pup and her parents, with their goat and chickens and garden and their dog, Opey, have no contact with the mainland, except for boat runs into town. When their friends, two women biologists living on a tiny island two miles away, bring them news of the civil unrest up and down the coast and talk of secession, Pup’s father agrees to go into town with the women in their boat to check on things. It’s a fateful decision that will force Pup to make choices she could never have imagined, and that will alter the world for everyone.








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