Eyes of the Camel: A Quirky Time-Travel Mystery to Morocco in the 18th century

Gabriella Barnhardt (CIA linguist), Alex Wilson (historian) and Rocko Woods (bodyguard) accept a job cloaked in secrecy, with Princeton University’s physics department. They are told the job will make Neil Armstrong’s moon walk look like baby steps.
Lost for 240 years, the captain’s log from a revolutionary American warship has been found, and the final notations hint at a secret alliance between the American colonies (fighting for independence) and Morocco's sultan.
According to the log, in 1777 the warship returned from Europe and delivered—Eyes of the Camel— a congratulatory gift to George Washington from Morocco’s Sultan Abdallah. However, no reference to an early alliance with Morocco exists in the U.S. national archives, and Princeton wants to know why.
Once back, the team meets Hassan, a blind beggar and sometimes wise man, who proves to have unexpected connections. With Hassan’s help, Gabby and Wilson obtain jobs in the royal palace and sharpen their sleuthing skills by talking to anyone who will stand still long enough to be questioned: gossipy kitchen help, day laborers, the dreaded dungeon master, wives of the royal harem, treasonous pashas, and a young boy possessed by Satan. Eavesdropping also proves to be productive.
(Source: Goodreads)

Of course the idea of travelling through time just to solve what happened to a state gift that disappeared is rather far fetched (if even possible). But the adventure itself keeps you glued to your kindle. It made me long for a holiday in Morocco again.

The story is fast paced, has a lot of friendly banter, couleur locale and also a development in the people.

There were a few factual things that made me wonder: the kasbah is not the Jewish quarter of a town. That is the mella. And now Northern Morocco is the breadbasket of the country. Why use camels if you need speed and have to travel a lush landscape and have not a lot of luggage to bring? Horses are a lot faster.

I had expected a total different ending.



**** spoiler alert ****
When you meet a guy who is the first in your life ever to make your heart race what would you do? With the pregnancy hints....




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