"Rubies from Burma" - a coming of age story set in the 1940ties and 1950ties in South Georgia

This is not a romance story but a family saga set just before, during and long after WWII. Rubies from Burma tells the WWII coming of age story of Mae Lee Willis in South Georgia. Mae Lee grows up in an impoverished household and is largely overshadowed by her beautiful but selfish older sister. When her sister snares the son of their father's boss, a lieutenant in the army, everyone considers that a good catch and most of all Mae Lee who has a puppy crush on the man. When he is deployed to Birma it is however Mae Lee who takes the time to write him letters - pretending to be her sister.

This is a moving story spanning at least a decade about unconditional love surpassing one's own interest. Not only in the case of Mae Lee but for instance also in that of her father's best friend and in quoted literature. 

I also liked the period style described in the furniture and clothing. And the author has a pleasant style of writing.

A very good debut novel that will be interesting to men and women alike. 


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