For the fans of Versailles or people interested in the Louis XIV-era - review of Hall of Mirrors by Roxanne Lalande

When you are interested in the Louis the XVI-era or were a fan of the Versailles series on TV and like to read detectives this is the book for you. To me as a layperson who is just a hobby historian it felt historically correct. 

One day one lad-in-waiting is about to have her first sexual tryst somewhere in the woods near a ruined cottage when she feels something poking into her back (NOOOOOO not that!). It turns out to be a golden cross. Looking around they also find a human skull. But when the girl and her colleague lady in waiting come back it is gone. With the help of a commoner they discover more gruesome things. Their mistresses, two German princesses now one married to Monsieur the gay brother of the king and the other to the bore that is his son, also join in the search for the culprits.

 I am not sure if the fact that I knew quite a bit about the historical figures helped or not when reading this book. I knew the scandals and what happened to whom what eliminates culprits but I guess that for a blank canvas reader it might on the other hand be difficult to grasp who is who while I was like "Oh yes that @sshole".


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