Review of The Colonel and The Enchantress by Paullett Golden - Regency era medical romance

A daughter of a formidable duchess and the second son of an army colonel grew up on neighbouring estates and developed a big puppy crush for each other. But in the Regency-era, around 1800 - that means a lot of class difference that would make a marriage virtually impossible. So he left to join the army fighting Napoleon hoping to become a hero and thus being seen as a worthy candidate. But now he is back home and yes a hero and a colonel but with a spinal injury.

The first part of the novel felt to me like reading a medical journal on how to treat spinal injury and trauma. I like my novels to be either completely distracting from normal life or giving me new insights. This one was way to0 realistic in my opinion :) The female lead character was so very much like me: curing the ill and wanting to be part of a team and getting very chatty when nervous. That last created quite a grin on my face when the marriage is about to be consummated and the male character cannot get her to shut up and get going.

When you like "doctors romances" or am into horses this will be the (long) novel for you.

I gave it 3 stars out of 5. Reviewed a free copy for Booksirens.




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