Harvest time: the Dutch Meiknollen, a kind of turnip

This is what is called a Meiknol in Dutch (May root) and it is a kind of turnip what you have to harvest during the summer as it cannot survive subzero temperatures without turning into a stinking gobble of mush. 

You can eat them boiled as a vegetable side dish or stir-fry them. I put them in small blocks and make vegetable soup with them. It gives your soup a nice nutmeg flavour. 

This turnips were eaten a lot before potatoes became staple food and the leaves made great fodder for the farmanimals. But nowadays upnorth it is hardly eaten by humans as they think it is a poor man's diet and more fit for the pigs. So it is now classified as one of the forgotten vegetables (vergeten groenten). 

However in the big cities in the West where many migrants live from Turkey those Meiknollen are staple food at the farner's markets. Recipe: rinse, remove top and bottom, chop and boil for 20 minutes with a bit of salt.


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