A nice period piece and a good mystery: "City of Prey" by Blake Pierce

I almost had stopped reading when I started the first chapter. That chapter is the mind of the villain. But the book turned out great afterwards and I can really recommend reading it.

It is set in1920 and in New York. We get to know Ava at her husband's funeral. He was a cop who was murdered. Money issues demand Ava to find a job even with a small child. Her father boxing school owner Roosevelt will babysit and Ava wants to join the policeforce. But they only have a Women Bureau and a woman cannot be a detective. And that is what Ava wants to be.

A fast spaced, not that long novel with a lot of local and period details like the slang, the jazzclubs, the speakeasies and the maffia. That plot is nicely constructed and in my opinion not far fetched. She can box, she heard her husband talk about how he caught villains, she was a jazzsinger. So she might be a rooky but is not green.

Nice book to read over your weekend.




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