Review: A rake like you - a not straightforward romance novel but a bit slow

Charles and Louisa grew up on neighbouring estates. While he is an earl and she is just a gentleman's daughter she is the one with money and she rather not marries to keep her independence. What in my opinion does not feel 19th century. Who wants to forsake love and children from the start? Why not try and find real love? So as young people she has conspired with him to pretend to court. But when she walks in on him ballsdeep in a singer she breaks of their pretend tendre and their friendship.

Six years later Charles needs money and a rich wife, Louisa is toying with the idea to take a lover. Lots is happening what makes the novel a bit slow but more realistic. The pair is surrounded by secondary characters. Some of their stories are just an open ended hint.

Somehow I would think a 1910 setting would have suited better (early feminism rising).

The cover is beautiful.






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