A seventh son of a seventh son who sees the tales he tells as a bard come true - review of "the Muse" - weird but intriguing

A seventh son of a seventh son who wants to be a bard. A young man with a grudge and no real friends. But then something weird happens: the muse he created in his head comes alive and runs to create havoc elsewhere. The young man is terribly frightful his stories come true and set out to correct things. On his quest he is joined by three other people.

Pre Roman Britain where they eat potatoes????

The book starts off a bit slow and strange but after a quarter the hero goes on a quest and that part if full of riddles and mysteries.

I wonder what symbolism the author had in mind what is Ida. Stress creating bad behavior? That part stays a bit odd but for the rest it is a captivating story that made me think of the computergame I once played what was based on Lord of the Rings. 

Weird but intriguing. And written definitely by someone who loves dogs





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