Review: The Accidental Slave (Aya's story) by Elin Peer

Free book I was very impressed with. Aya works in a refugee camp as a nurse and meets a guy at the local market. Both like each other on the spot. A few weeks later she is abducted by rebels and kept a prisoner. She finds out the guy she met is one of them.

The first part of the book is more or less an adventure story with some steamy moments. But you are only 1 third in the book when she manages to escape.

Then in my opinion the interesting part starts. Both leave for home in different countries. People react like she has Stockholm syndrome, is damaged good and a victim. While she regards herself as a survivor.

And what is he? A warcriminal? But the more you get to know about his background the more complex that turns out to be.

I was impressed by this part of the novel that deals with how to deal with traumatic events. Especially because just at the same moment I read an interview with the girl who was abducted for years in Austria and who said that even 10 years later people still blame her.

You can buy the book (now for free) here:


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