Review of "Adored: the harem diaries" - ok story without background research

The romance story is interesting but when you situated a novel in a real country and your readers might know that country themselves,  there is the danger of errors distracting. For instance: Fez and Casablanca are situated in a farming area with the desert way further to the South. I wonder if Casablanca even existed then. Churchbells in a Muslim country? A son of the Moroccan sultan is not a caliph because that is like the pope and was a title of the Turkish sultan and I wonder if the titles of the harem officials would be Turkish ones. Naming not Marrakesh as a major city etc.etc.

So just read this as a faitytale and enjoy that. For me the factual errors broke the spell.
Also a bit pricey for a Kindle.

 You can buy it here


 This was not the adventure she'd been promised…

The last thing Miss Antonia Freeman anticipated as companion to Duchess of Weatherly on the final leg of their tour in beautiful Morocco was ending up in the Caliph of Fez’s palace. But when presented with an offer to finally see lands she had only ever dreamed of, she eagerly agrees to the journey. Still, nothing could have prepared her for the splendor of the palace and coming face-to-face with the most beautiful man she's ever seen.

Khalil Al-Rasheed, Caliph of Fez, is the ruler of all he surveys. After suffering the heart-rending loss of his wife in childbirth, he finds himself in desperate need of a teacher for his beloved yet mischievous daughter, Cassiopeia. What he does not anticipate is being presented with a disheveled and bedraggled British woman with four young boys in tow.

From the palace's lush gardens to the majestic grandeur of the harem, skepticism gives way to adoration as Khalil sees the wonders Antonia works in his little girl. Amidst intrigue and danger, Khalil and Antonia find themselves exploring a burgeoning passion that is threatened by betrayal. Confronting the truth may tear them apart as Khalil is forced to come to terms with his grief and Antonia questions if she can ever win the heart of a man longing for the love of his past.


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