Review of "Saved by Sheikh Omar"

Old fashioned style romance story set just after World War I in which the guy is a hero who treats the woman with love and respect. 

Compared to the real old fashioned romance stories of the 1970 and 1980 a lot more explicit.

It is more of a short story. Not long enough to call it a novel.

AMAZON writes:

It is 1923. British lady Mira, fresh out of school, and her brother Charles, a veteran from the Great War, are en route to his new farm in Rhodesia in Southern Africa. Their family fortune is gone and he hopes to start a flying school in the African colony. Their plane however malfunctions over the Sahara desert. Charles is forced to do an emergency landing. He departs to find help, leaving Mira all alone in the middle of the desert.

A few hours to the North, Arabian Sheikh Omar prepares his caravan to return home to his oasis town.

Enjoy this historical romance set in Northern Africa in the 1920ties.

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