Review "Ebb Tide" - A nautical Zombie novel that keeps you hooked

Only 0.99 cents. Totally scary. Death around every corner. I had trouble falling asleep. As English is a foreign language for me and I am all thumbs some of the technical stuff I did not grasp but the story is great. (The writer lives on a yacht in the Pacific just like Matai). The story is set in the near future. A pandemic flu has killed 90% of the world's population. 5% survived and the other 5% turned into a kind of zombies. Matai the female hero lives on the sailing yacht that used to be her parent's. Initially the family survived because they were at sea when the illness struck. The book starts with Matai finding a Chinese cargo ship that ran aground on an atoll. She suspects it to be full of hidden treasures to bring home to the island she and her survivor friends live but she is also scared to death that the dark cargo holds might be full with Typhoid Maries. The story is told partly in flash backs.


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