Some light reading material what is better then expected - review of "Saving the Sheikh"

Sometimes you are just in the mood for some light reading material. Unlike many romance stories this one more or less has a good plot and moreover a sense of humour throughout the story. What is also quite uncommon is that most of the people are not Americans. At the wedding of mutual friends an Arab crown prince and a famous Chinese business woman are bridesmaid and groomsman. She is urged by the other bridesmaids to give him a kiss. That was what I thought not that believable as this woman is a very reserved woman and does not like people hugging her but ok... They start talking and she confesses in him that she always dreamed of romantic stories like the book The Sheikh were damsels in distress are kidnapped to desert keeps. He grins and tells her he has a desert castle and can make sure there are silk pillows.So in the end they have the biggest fun with him pretending to kidnap her. However some journalist snaps a picture and all of a sudden they hit the news and have to do damage control. Then it turns out that that is nor their only problem as suspicion rises that someone plans an attack.



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