A sea adventure written as one of those old fashioned navy stories. Pirates, privateers and bonny lassies

When you have read the Tuareg series of ms Hilson this is a total different kind of book. It reads as an old adventure of pirates and seabattles in the Caribbean.

A Spanish nobleman is send as a colonel to defend a small Spanish outpost. He is glad he can hide out there as his family is under threath of religious persecution. But because he frees the slaves to enlist them in his militia the local Spanish start to hate him and he is send to be interrogated by the Inquisition. Sent home to Spain to be executed the ships he is travelling on change owners rapidly and he ends up being the second in command of a privateer. Many adventures follow.

A fast paced story that does not tell a lot about the toughts of the caracters. While it is a new book the writer explains she wanted it to be an homage to books like The Sea Hawk.


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