Epic tale of a Sahara crossing in the company of a Touareg family - Book review of "Pitiless land"

Hannah is working on a dig in Egypt when one day the group of archaeologists and cameramen are abducted and she and a friend by luck are left unharmed because they got stuck in a sandstorm and did not make it home before the attack. Saved by a group of Tuareg in the end Hannah has to cross the whole Sahara desert to be able to get home.

The book is an epic and timeless story of nomads and desert crossing.

At the end someone is found in an unexpected place and somehow that is never really explained. The same why moving away is then not a trouble anymore. I also wondered how a Tuareg dress found it's way there.

All in all a more serous book then another one of the same writer. That was more a love story while this was more about travel and survival.

Good book!


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