Review of "The Geisha with the green eyes" Too focussed on the hanky panky?

When the site NetGalley offered me the opportunity to read the book for free providing I took the time to write an honest review I was looking forward to a book set in historical Japan. A bit "Shogun" or that famous Geisha book. However this one turned out to be very different.

While normally Geisha's were highly trained ladies who entertained gentlemen but not went to bed with them in general apart from one they would be the mistress of, in this book Midori lives in a house that offers not only entertainment but also hot bodies for the taking. All the inhabitants of the Hidden House are somehow deformed and Midori as a halfblood is also regarded deformed.

The book is a long list of sleeping with men in all kind of forms or settings. Unfortunately the book lacks a background or description of the Geisha culture or the Japanese customs as a whole. So if you want a solid book dealing with a historic period do not buy it. If you want a steamy novel maybe this is your cup of Japanese tea.


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