Illegal alien starving in Geneva mixed with Jane Eyre and Beauty and the Beast. Book review of "A Million Different ways"

As requested by Net Galley I will review "A Million Different ways". One look at the cover made me wonder if it would be a million different versions of a sexscene but although the novel is very explicit the story still keeps you enthralled.

An illegal immigrant from Albania is starving in Geneva. She has no one to protect her. Her last option is ask for a job at a huge estate that is rumoured to hire servants. She faints in the doorway and gets hired by the housekeeper who pities her. All her new colleagues are nice but the lord of the manor is a total jerk who keeps insulting her. Their dislike is very mutual although Vera is strongly drawn to his impressive good looks. And is fascinated by the story behind his limp.

The story seems to be inspired a bit by Jane Eyre and Beauty and the Beast. And the real meaning of a million different ways is very sweet.

I do have to stress however that I think the last chapters of the book are very illogical. I cannot imagine a medical professional doing that. Nor taking a decision like that when a problem is so easily to solve with money and a good immigration lawyer. And what totally sucks is that the book ends very abruptly appearently to continue in a book 2 that is not yet published. Dear writer rewrite your good book and change the last few chapters!


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